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Master/Slave Mastery - Updated

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Master/Slave Mastery - Updated

A servant serves Master's needs or is fired; a slave serves Master's wants or is released. However, Master's wants must not trump slave's needs, even when playing by RACK standards.

Slave is in service to Master, however, Master is in service to the relationship.

Welcome to the complex and elegant World of Master/slave relations.

This is a revised and substantially expanded version of my prior book, Master/slave Relations: Handbook of theory and practice. Even if you've read that one, this is substantially different. This is a book both for people starting out in M/s and also for people who have been involved for a few years.

The second book in this series, Master/slave Mastery: Refining the Fire ideas that matter is intended for those who have been involved with the Master/slave world for 5+ years. Together, these books are core readings for anyone interested in living in a structured, authority-imbalanced relationship.