Welcome to The Gspot Kink Store

We cater to alternative lifestyles as well as couples, friends and singles looking for something special.

Our shop has Victoria's widest range of steel, leather and kinkwear.

So why don't you unleash your kinky side?

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Superb. Wish they stayed open longer. Staff are great, prices fantastic and always have what you need.

Milorad Popovic

Came in with the intention of just buying some simple lube, left with a little more and was happy with the assistance from the staff member. Everything was neatly organised, well displayed and clearly labelled so there was no confusion.

Taygar Develyne

Best staff willing to help when needed at any time. very friendly

Steve Ligt

Great staff, always helpful and non-judgmental

Tia Maria

Avaliable In Store

Also Costumes, Eroticwear, Lingerie, Steampunk, Transwear and Lace-Front Wigs.

Our store


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