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Master/Slave Mastery - Advanced

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Master/Slave Mastery - Advanced

Refining the fire - ldeas that matter

Every structured relationship is slightly different. For some, it works just fine; for others, not so well.

This is a book of ideas and suggestions that have evolved from 10+ years of personal experience and study concerning Master/slave relationships. This "advanced" book is the second in the Master/slave Mastery series. It addresses issues/situations common to most long-term structured relationships. There is no beginner-level material in this book: l have assumed that readers have been involved in M/s for five or more years.

In this book you will find:

Two chapters on mastery: one on Master's mastery and on slave's mastery.

An extensive chapter on nuts-and-bolts issues such as motivators, leadership, control, and punishment.

Finally, there is a chapter titled "Little bits of ideas" that enables me to address diffcult topics, such as how you interact with yourself and with others, how *service" can be expressed, and specialized communication challenges.